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100% Handmade Premium Myanmar Products

We represent high-grade quality, 100% handmade products using locally sourced natural materials in the Burmese traditional way of craftsmanship for Home Decoration and Home Textile sectors with a focus on European and international markets.

Our products are developed with the values of cultural uniqueness, environmental friendliness and sustainable socio-economic development.

Shan Traditional Handmade Paper

  • Handmade from natural mulberry plant fibers, decorated with flower petals and leaves, using simple tools made from bamboo and cotton cloth without any chemicals.
  • Traditionally used for making fire balloons and also for writing and packaging.
  • Used as artists’ desire, for home decoration items such as parasols, lamps, wall tapestries, and ecological gift-wrapping paper.
  • The uniqueness of this handmade paper is strong and durable.
  • The recipient of this gift item will feel that this product is very special and made with a labour of love.

Natural Lotus Textile

  • A very unique handspun and handwoven textile made with fibers from stems of lotus flower plants.
  • Three to four thousand lotus stems are used to make a small shawl of this unique fabric.
  • One of the most premium and expensive fabrics in the world.
  • Lotus fabric keeps the wearer warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and also brings a pleasant body fragrance.
  • Traditionally, lotus fabric is believed to have good luck and give positive energy.
  • The natural color, touch and feel of the fabric tells that it is a special gift from nature, made with passion by local artisans and brings peace and joyfulness for the wearer.

Natural dye hand-spun, handwoven cotton products

  • Fabrics are made from handspun cotton threads, woven by handlooms, and dyed with natural fruits, vegetables and tree barks.
  • 100% handmade and biodegradable product, available in modern and traditional designs 
  • People who love nature can enjoy the true taste of nature by wearing natural-dyed handwoven fabrics and will always be refreshed.
  • Only one hundred percent (100%) natural dyes are used without the chemicals which can harm people’s health and cause environmental pollution.

Myanmar Traditional Lacquerware

  • Myanmar traditional lacquerware is made from bamboo and polished with high grade lacquer tree sap.
  • The technique of handmade lacquerware has been maintained by generations of artisans since the 11th century.
  • Artistically decorated by hand-drawn reliefs with natural dyes and real gold leaves.
  • It is not only decorative, but also durable and functional for daily use.
  • Myanmar Lacquerware is widely used as tableware, jewelry boxes, home decorative items and personal accessories.

Gemstone Paintings

  • Paintings are created with precious and semi-precious gemstones featuring landscapes, portraits, festive and seasonal sceneries, and precious memories such as weddings.
  • The gemstone paintings are the creation of delicate and detailed work by skilled artisans with semi-precious and precious gem pieces decorated into the picture.
  • The artists first sketched the painting and then beautifully hand-crafted it with gemstones. The gems are crushed into bits or a powder, sieved, and then sorted. The pieces are then glued to the painting so as to get the right color, tone and shade.
  • Customized items can be ordered, such as wedding photos, football team, personal portraits, family photos as well as individual landscapes.