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Training & Coaching

Life-Long Learning for Everyone.

As a team of experienced consultants, trainers and coaches, we provide support to individuals, teams and organizations for further development and achieving their goals.

Our training method is experiential learning through a participatory approach and result-oriented. We assess training need analysis for our client organizations and offer customized training curriculum so that they can achieve organizational goals through individuals’ development.  

We aim to enable people and organizations to recognize their own situation and activate existing resources through strategic thinking, models and tools. Each individual and organization will be able to take their own responsibilities and motivated for their own development. 

Coaching is a practice-oriented and ethically developed concept for personal and organization-related advice in the working world. It is subject to a free decision of the client and not prescribed, but at best recommended.  Coaching is usually located in management and leadership. The focus is on changing the behavior of the coachee in his or her professional role.

We would be very pleased to meet you and discuss your organizational needs for further development and a customized program for you.

Our Training and Coaching topics for Personal & Organizational Development and Leadership are as follow:


Individual Level

  • Self-Development Road Map
  • Self-Assessment
  • Self-Management
  • Time Management

Team Level

  • Team Development
  • Communication & Feedback
  • Cooperation
  • Facilitation & Presentation Skills
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Organizational Level

  • TOP Organizational Model
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Decision making
  • Delegation
  • Change Management

Training & Coaching Inquiry Form

Life-Long Learning for Everyone.

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Development Consultancy

Myanmar Change Agent Network (MyCAN)

Su Shwe Nadi is the official Liaison of the Myanmar Change Agent Network (My-CAN). The network is an initiative of Dr. Birgit Kerstan, Christian Koch and Thet Su Hlaing. As leadership and change management professionals working in the country, My-CAN has witnessed the magnitude of challenges in the transformation of Myanmar’s society and economy since 2011. And My-CAN met motivated and dedicated people in the public administration, in companies and in civil society who are driving this change.

Modernizing organizations is an important lever for transformation. Any government objective and reform agenda need to be implemented through dedicated public institutions. Any company that wants to compete on national and international markets needs to improve the way it is working. And civil society organizations are more powerful in raising their concerns if they have the capacity to manage.

My-CAN makes international best practices in leadership and consultancy accessible to people active in change processes. The main product is a six-modules training course which will start in March 2018. The mid-term objective is to establish a network of like-minded professionals in Myanmar in close collaboration with local academic institutions, consulting firms, NGOs, universities and think tanks. relationships and long-term objectives.

Our Events in Myanmar

Leading in Change 2018

Leading in Change 2018 is an Interactive event with 5 leaders from business, state and society in Myanmar, conducted in Goethe-Institut Myanmar on 7th December 2018.
Myanmar is a country in transition. Leaders, in public administration, in companies, and in civil society, have a key role in this transformation process. They set examples, pave the way, give orientation.

It was a dialogue about leadership challenges such as:

  • How to promote openness and innovation?
  • How to foster constructive communication?
  • How to deal with resistance?

Change Forum Myanmar 2019

The Change Forum Myanmar offered leaders and managers, practitioners, and professional advisors a platform to share, reflect and learn, drawing on insights from change makers in- and outside the country.
The opportunity to explore key issues of organizational change in Myanmar, share approaches, discover new perspectives, expand knowledge, acquire additional skills and build networks were offered to around 250 participants through Parallel workshops, discussions, meetings, open spaces, coaching sessions, and training sequences.

The Forum was organized in 4 thematic tracks:
i) Changing systems – being a change agent
ii) Striving for excellence in your business
iii) Responsive public service
iv) Mission driven leadership.