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1. Why buy from Su Shwe Nadi?
Our products are 100% handmade from natural materials, completely free from toxics and chemicals, thus, very suitable for health-conscious customers.
We offer products with the true taste of nature to our customers. Thus, they can feel and enjoy the pure essence of nature.
Being made from high-quality locally sourced natural materials, our products have good functionality for daily use, and a guarantee of durability for our customers.
2. What are the products available in the portfolio of Su Shwe Nadi?

Our Product Portfolio is as follows:

  • Shan Traditional Handmade Paper (made from natural Mulberry plant fibers, decorated with flower petals and leaves)
  • Natural Lotus Textile (very unique handspun and handwoven textile made with fibers from stems of lotus flower plants)
  • Natural-dyed Cotton Textile (100% hand-spun and handwoven cotton textile, dyed with natural fruits, vegetables and tree barks)
  • Myanmar Traditional Lacquerware (high-grade lacquerware, handmade with traditional techniques handed down since the 11th century)
  • Gemstone Paintings (Paintings created with precious and semi-precious gemstones featuring landscapes, portraits, festive and seasonal sceneries, and precious memories such as weddings.)
3. In which part of Myanmar, the products are made?

Our products are made in the Shan State, Mandalay Region and Yangon Region of Myanmar.

4. What is the shipping port?

The shipping port for our products will be Yangon Port for Sea Freight and Yangon International Airport (RGN) for Air Freight.

5. What will be the estimated lead time and the minimum order quantity?

The lead time and the minimum order quantity will depend on the product type and time of the year, since our products are manufactured from natural raw materials. Please contact us for a detailed inquiry.