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Our Earth, Our Responsibility.

Companies’ business attitude and the way how they operate the work processes directly or indirectly affect what happens to employees, workers, customers, local communities and the environment. We are deeply aware about the impacts and proactively manage their consequences.

We believe in the triple bottom line approach in our business operation:

  • creating job opportunities for the youths in local societies through capacity building and training,
  • protecting our planet and preventing possible damage to the environment through the use of natural biodegradable materials in our entire production processes.
  • While preserving our values, we generate profit for long-term sustainable socio-economic development.

Our products are 100% handmade, high-quality natural materials, completely free from toxics and chemicals which can harm the consumers and the environment. And they are not only for decoration but also have good functionality for daily use with a guarantee of durability. For example, the traditional lacquerwares are used in the homes, offices and hotels of Myanmar as household utensils and are still preferred over plastic and single-use alternatives.

Additionally, our products are made by local artisans who are youths from rural areas of Myanmar. In lacquerware production, the products are designed and made by master artisans and their youth apprentices who comes from nearby villages. The apprentices are trained in the art of lacquerware, step by step, starting from basic framing up to final finishing stage in drawing traditional designs with dyes and gold leaves. At the same time, the local artisans cooperate with Lacquerware Technical College of Bagan to train the youths basic business management. In this way, the youths are given opportunity not only to artistically create the lacquerware products, but also to sell, and market them and finally develop a sustainable handicraft business.

By using natural raw materials, we create our textile products which are safe for the environment as well as for the health of the users. Our natural lotus textiles and natural-dyed textiles are examples of this fact. Lotus fabrics are made 100% from lotus fibers, harvested from natural lotus flowers grown in the Inle lake in Shan state. Lotus Fibers, cotton and natural dyes we use for creating our textiles are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. In particular, the dyes are fruits, barks and roots gathered and harvested from the wild trees and plants of the local forests. Users who have concerns about chemicals and artificial dyes can confidently wear and use our products with peace of mind. The artisans are mostly local women, and the quality is maintained by regular training and knowledge sharing by master artisans to their juniors.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.